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About Dryer Repairs

A dryer can be an essential household appliance but to keep it working at its best you will want to keep it well-maintained. Even then you may still need the assistance of a dryer repair service. We offer an expert Perth appliance service and dryer repair, and pride ourselves on our timely and professional service.

When your clothes dryer suddenly stops working, you shouldn’t have to wait a week before you can get it fixed.

This is just one of the reasons why Hilton Appliances offer 24/7 service and a support team who are dedicated to getting your appliances fixed as soon as possible. Our experienced technicians will be able to diagnose the problem with your dryer and provide a free quote for needed repairs or replacement parts.

Best of all, we offer guaranteed workmanship on all our repairs, so you can have a cost-effective solution, a fully functioning dryer and total peace of mind.

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Dryer Brands We Service

To the average person, most dryers look more or less the same. So, it may come as a surprise to hear that the internal workings of a clothes dryer can look quite different.

Not only do dryers come in different sizes, but they can also be either gas-powered or electric-powered. And depending on who the manufacturer is, your dryer could use a heat pump, a condenser or a venting system in order to get your clothes dry.

But no matter who built your dryer, our expert team of technician’s will be able to carry out services and repairs. This includes brands such as Westinghouse, Samsung, Midea, Bosch, LG, Haier, Fisher & Paykel, Simpson and GE.

Perth Dryer Repair Services

Give us a call if your dryer isn’t working as it should. We’ll send a qualified technician who will complete the dryer repair in no time.

We also offer a full range of appliance repair services in Perth, WA, offering efficient service, a fair price and technical support.

Common Dryer Issues

Some of the most common issues that we encounter as Perth dryer repairers include:

Dryer Overheating
If your dryer starts off working ok but then randomly shuts down, then your machine may be overheating. This could be caused by damage inside the machine.

Machine Blockages
Blockages can occur when the lint filter is overflowing. To minimise the chance of this happening, make sure you regularly check and empty the lint filter.

Damaged Belt
Have you ever wondered what makes your dryer tumble? It has a belt that keeps the drum rotating. If this belt wears down or is damaged, then it could interfere with the machine’s ability to function properly.

Broken Elements or Thermostat
Dryers contain heating elements and a thermostat to regulate the temperature. If either of these components wears out or is damaged, then they will likely need replacing.

Insufficient Power Supply
If there’s not enough power getting to the motor, the dryer will struggle to function properly. This could be caused by a blown fuse or an issue with the internal wiring.

Dryer Repair FAQs

Here are some of the dryer problems or signs that you may need a dryer repair service:

  • The dryer shakes or moves around excessively – a rocking or moving dryer could indicate that the drum has become unbalanced. One of our dryer repair and service technicians can re-balance your dryer.
  • The dryer has stopped tumbling – this could be a sign that the belt is worn. Alternatively, the motor or switch may need replacement.
  • The dryer doesn’t heat up – the thermal fuse may have blown as a result of overloading, blocked ventilation, or clogged lint screens. One of our dryer repair experienced professionals can quickly identify the issue and fix it fast.
  • Your dryer won’t switch on – if your dryer is receiving electricity but won’t start, a faulty component is the likely cause. A dryer repair technician can carry out a diagnostics test to establish the cause and make the necessary repairs.

Your clothes aren’t drying as they normally would – this is probably a ventalition issue. Call for a dryer repair specialist and we’ll quickly resolve the problem.

You should clean your lint filter every time you use your dryer. A full lint filter will leave lint on your clothes. It is also a lot less efficient and will run up your energy bills. To work effectively, a dryer needs an efficient flow of air. When lint builds up in the filter, your machine has to work a lot harder and longer to dry your clothes.

This will depend on a number of issues including;

  • The size and efficiency of the machine
  • How well you’ve drained the water or spun the clothes
  • The size of the load.

To reduce dryer time, remove any excess water by using the fast spin cycle at the end of the machine wash. Never overfill your dryer. It needs plenty of space to efficiently dry the load.

Our Perth appliance service and repair tech team are well-equipped to diagnose and repair all major brands of dryers. No matter what dryer problems you’re experiencing we can help.

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