Service Overview

When a washing machine stops working it’s a major inconvenience. When an oven stops working it can ruin your dinner plans. But when your fridge suddenly stops working, you’ve got a crisis on your hands.

Your only options are:

  1. Call an appliance repair company and then start to panic when they tell you their technician can’t get there for another 4 days.
  2. Call Hilton Appliances and sigh with relief when we tell you we’ll get a qualified technician there ASAP to give you a free quote on repairs.

For guaranteed workmanship, an experienced repair team and high-quality customer service, you can’t go past Hilton Appliances.

Brands We Service

When it comes to servicing or repairing your fridge, our talented team have got you covered.

They have a thorough working knowledge of fridge brands including Samsung, Changhong, Simpson, Bosch, Omega, Mitsubishi, Fisher & Paykel, GE, Whirlpool, Westinghouse, AEG, Electrolux, Blanco, Haier, Smeg, Hisense, Kelvinator, LG, Panasonic, Beko, Simpson, Siemens…the list goes on and on.

Simply put, if it’s a refrigerator, then we can help you. This includes both top and bottom freezer models, French door designs, mini-fridges and side by side fridges too.

Regardless of whether your fridge is old or new, our technicians can offer exceptional service and repairs.

Common Fridge Issues

Some of the most common issues that we encounter as Perth fridge repairers include:

Water Leaks
If you feel like your fridge is leaking excessively then it’s a good idea to have it checked by a qualified repair technician. Leaks can occur because of a water supply line issue or when the defrost drainage hose becomes clogged. So, while a little water on the floor may not seem like a big deal, it could be an indication of a bigger problem.

Freezer Icing Up
Most newer fridges are designed and marketed as “frost-free” but you may still notice ice starting to form in the freezer. If so, it’s an indication that something is wrong. Either the door seals need replacing, the freezer drain is blocked or one of the internal components (thermostat, timer, sensors, etc.) may be malfunctioning.

Fridge/Freezer Not Cold Enough
This can be caused by issues with the thermostat, a clogged condenser fan or because not enough power is getting to the appliance. Whatever the case, a fridge that isn’t staying cold enough can result in food spoiling, so make sure you get this issue resolved ASAP.

Cycle Problems
Fridges run on a meticulously timed cycle, maintaining a careful balance to ensure the correct temperature is achieved. But damaged components within the fridge can throw this cycle off balance, leading to unregulated temperature.


Hilton Appliances is open 7am – 5:30pm, Monday to Friday.

We cover all areas of Perth Metro. We have appliance repair technicians based both North and South of the river.

When you book one of our technicians we will give you a specific time slot. This way you can plan your day around our visit.

We charge fixed pricing for our work. As every repair job is different we will quote the work based on your specific requirements. This way you know how much the job will cost and you get the best value for money.

No matter the make, model or problem
Odds are that we can fix it!

Call us today to organise your free quote from our team of experienced appliance repair technicians.

The brands we service

We service and repair all the major brands of dishwashers, ovens, cook tops, washing machines, dryers and fridges. No matter what type of appliance you have, odds are that we can fix it!

Appliance Repairs
You can count on

Our team of appliance repair technicians are ready to help you get your appliances back up and running. Call us today to make a booking and you’ll soon see why Hilton Appliances have gained a reputation for doing an excellent job for a fair and reasonable price.

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